Crystal Palace park

Crystal Palace is great. I mean who doesn’t like a park with dinosaurs? Come on!

Only downside is when you actually need to go pee… Opposite the Palace Park café you’ll find a free public toilet. But I’d only recommend it for big emergencies. Very dirty and with almost every bits broken, this is not the luxury place your bum deserves!

Opening time:
Weekdays: 07.30 am
Weekends and bank holidays: 09.00 am

Closing time:
January: 04.30 pm
February: 05.30 pm
March: 06.00 pm
April: 08.00 pm
May to July: 09.00 pm
August: 08.30 pm
September: 07.30 pm
October: 06.30 pm
November: 04.30 pm
December: 04.00 pm

doctor loo unhappy rollChances of toilet paper: very unlikely

doctor loo disabledAccessible

flat,1000x1000,075,f.u3 Baby-changing facilities

doctor loo sad poopPoop-unfriendly
(No toilet paper, quite dirty, shady locks… I wouldn’t recommend)


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